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How does CAE Pilot Provisioning work? After registration, your application will be reviewed by a team of specialists, following which, you will be contacted about your possibility for a position within our program. This may take up to a week, but can also take longer depending on the current market situation. With every new opportunity, our database with your details will be checked again. Therefore, it is very important that the data you supply is actual and up-to-date to ensure the best possible results for you.

How do I register?
You can click the “register now” button on the Pilot Provisioning page. It is imperative that you fill in ALL data; otherwise selecting you for the right opportunity can be difficult. So please complete as many fields as possible.

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For which airlines does CAE Pilot Provisioning recruit? CAE Pilot Provisioning recruits for airlines all over the world. The airlines differ from major airlines to the smaller commuter airlines. Of course, this changes depending on demand.

What are the requirements to register? There are no minimum requirements to register; however, to have a chance of being selected successfully, one has to possess at least a CPL (Commercial Pilot License). If you need any additional training we will gladly offer this via our Global Academy.

Can there be additional requirements?

Not for registering, but for a successful match and in order to meet the demands of specific airlines additional requirements may be needed.This can be an Instrument Rating (IR), Multi Engine Rating (ME), Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) or/and a Bridge Course

What is the content of a MCC course or Bridge course?

The MCC course is about crew coordination in a multi crew cockpit. This generally takes two weeks and is done in our advanced full-flight simulators (A320 or 737NG). You can consider this the start of jet orientation.A Bridge Course is an extended jet orientation course. Duration depends on the demand of the airline.

I have registered. When will I be contacted?

After registration your data will be reviewed by a team of specialists. Our team will contact you once vacancies matching your profile arise.

Do I have to apply for a specific airline program?

No, this is not necessary. Maybe the airline you want to fly with is not currently available. Please be aware, that if you do not apply for a program, our team may contact you only later, when you meet the criteria of a new airline program that can be suitable for you. If in the future, we add any new airline programs that do interest you, we suggest you apply for best result.

When am I eligible for an airline program? If your profile matches the criteria of an airline program our team will invite you pursue this program. Otherwise your personal information stays in our database until we have found a suitable opportunity for you.

What can I do if I do not get response from the program I applied for? Verify the data entered on your application. If you have made a mistake in a field or left fields blank, your profile may be invalid or incomplete and therefore, cannot be matched correctly.

What will the process be if I am selected for an airline program? If you are selected, CAE Pilot Provisioning will invite you to participate in the selection through an assessment, which has been developed in cooperation with the airline.

What is the CAE Pilot Provisioning assessment process? The CAE Pilot Provisioning assessment process consists generally of:
An Aeronautical test (ATPL questionnaire)
Personal Profile test (on job behavior)
Grading (Simulator session)
Interview (Airline)

A language test can be part of the assessment as well.
Content of the tests can be changed without previous notice if an airline requires so.

Are all assessments the same? In general, the CAE Pilot Provisioning assessments are the same, however specific parts can differ according to the wishes of the airline involved.

Where will the CAE Pilot Provisioning assessment take place?
The CAE Pilot Provisioning assessment will take place at a selected CAE training centre.
What costs are involved in the assessment?
Information about assessment costs appears at each program information sheet, click on the program to find the detailed information.Costs related to travelling, accommodation and common expenses for attending the assessment are not covered by CAE or the airline.
If I complete the assessment successfully for one program, must I go through the assessment again for another program?
You do not need to repeat the standard CAE assessment; however you may be required to complete specific airline requests applicable to the new program.
If I fail the airline interview, could I be eligible for other airline programs? Should I complete the assessment again?
You will be eligible for other airline programs. If there are special requests for new airline programs you are applying for, you will be asked to complete them.
How long are the assessment results valid?
The validity of the assessment is 8 months.
If I fail the assessment, could I attend the assessment again? How long should I wait to attend the assessment again?
The assessment could be attended again after 6 months.
Once I’ve successfully passed the assessment, will I be hired?
The assessment is a part of your application process. Once the interview is held with the airline itself and the results positive, in most cases you will be invited to do a Type Rating (unless you already possess a current Type Rating on the required aircraft). After successful completion of the Type rating you will be hired.
What does the Type Rating program consist of, how long does it take and what are the costs involved?
A type rating typically consists of:

Ground school
Fixed-base Training
Simulator sessions
Skill test
Circuit training

Depending on type and requirements of the airline this will take 4 to 8 weeks and costs will amount up to € 20.000,- to € 35.000,-. Costs for the Type rating often will be used as a “bond” and will be paid back by the airlines again in some form.

How do I finance the Type Rating?
The fact you will be doing a type rating means you will be having a job as a pilot in the near future. Most banks are familiar with the procedures and will be lenient in providing you the means to complete your training.
What will my income be?
This depends on your experience and the airline. An indication can be given per airline specifically when selected.
Where will I be trained?
This will take place in one of the CAE training centers worldwide. The location depends on the type of aircraft and availability of training devices.
Can I choose the type of aircraft I want to fly?
Usually the airline decides what kind of aircraft you will be flying and also where you will be stationed. However, with most airlines you can give your preferences.
What happens after the Type Rating?
After the Type Rating you do a base check and start with your line training with the airline before becoming fully operational.
What happens when I am hired?
After being hired and following the completion of your type rating training, responsibility is passed on to the airline for which you will be working to plan and execute your line training. This differs per airline and season.

We wish you many happy landings!