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Which are the primary CAE training centres that provide self-sponsored training? 

Amsterdam, Bangalore, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dubai, Gatwick, Madrid, Oslo and Stockholm.

What are the entry requirements for a CAE self-sponsored Type Rating Programme? Before commencing a Type Rating Course, the applicant must:
Hold a valid Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME-IR) when commencing training (in order for the issuance of the first Type Rating). Hold at least a valid Commercial Pilots License, (CPL) (A) and multi-engine instrument rating (IR) issued in accordance with applicable ICAO/EASA standards. Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of a Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course, and theoretical knowledge equal to the requirements for the issuance of an ATPL (A). Have at least 70 hours as pilot-in-command of airplanes. Hold a class 1 medical All pilots should enter training with a standard of English language compliant with ICAO Level 4 English language proficiency requirements. All applicants must complete the pre-assessment/ trainee form and provide copies of medical, required licenses and ratings.

What if I do not already have a Type Rating Training partner? The training requires an even number of pilots (complete crews) to perform a Type Rating. If you do not have a partner we will do our best to team you up with another student.

What is the general overview of a Type Rating Course?
Please visit our Type Rating Training page to view our standard course outlines by region. Please note that these are generic outlines which may vary from type to type.

When do I sign the student training contract and when do I pay for the training? The training contract is signed when the required resources are in place (training partner, simulator sessions and instructors). The type rating payment is made in full a minimum of 10-14 days prior to the course start.

What happens if I need extra training during the Type Rating (TR)? The extra training is charged according to the student contract and paid prior to delivery.  

What are the advantages of training at CAE as opposed to another training organisation? Yes, please view our Why Choose CAE section for more details.

Is there any special discount on the Type Rating Preparation Package? The TR Preparation Package payment is deducted in full from the CAE TR course price if the pilot starts a CAE Type Rating Course within 12 months of the purchase of the Type Rating Preparation Package. Please note that this package is only available in Europe and that the CAE airline training schemes are not included in this offer.  

What self-sponsored Type Ratings are offered at each training centre?

Amsterdam  ATR42/72, B737NG, EMB170/190
Brussels A320, B737NG
Copenhagen B737NG, CRJ200/700/900
London (LGW) A320, B737NG, EMB170/190
Madrid A320, CRJ200/700/900/1000
Oslo B737NG
Stockholm A320, B737NG, B737CL

Middle East & India
Bangalore A320
Dubai A320, B737NG

With whom do I book the training? The self-sponsored point of contact at the CAE training centre

Amsterdam, Brussels pilot.ams@cae.com
Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo pilot.sto@cae.com
London pilot.lon@cae.com
Madrid, Barcelona, Palma, Rome pilot.mad@cae.com

Middle East & India
Bangalore iftcsales@cae.com
Dubai dubai-centre@cae.com

How do I as a pilot prepare myself for the Type Rating? We expect our applicants to have recent flight experience and solid IR/ME skills. If you need to refresh your skills, CAE offers great programs to bring you up to speed.

For European-base Type Rating Programs, The Type Rating Prep package will also give you a head start. CBT training is provided as an integrated part of the Type Rating Course but with the prep package, we will know that you’ll have an edge when you come to start the course - familiarity with the material will help you maximise your potential.

What is the duration of the Type Rating Training? 
Europe: 4-6 weeks. 
Middle East & India: 7-8 weeks
Many self-sponsored courses put a lot of emphasis on the short duration of the course. This is natural as the shorter the course the lower the cost to the pilot. At CAE, we put emphasis on providing pilot competencies and ensuring that the airline requirements are met. Our recommendation is therefore to include enough time in between the training sessions for study and rest to excel in the Type Rating Program.

At CAE you may have an option of a web based Type Rating Ground Course that will reduce the time spent at the training centre by 1 week. Another option is to perform the web based self-study segment and still enrol in the course that provides 3 technical instructor reviews during the initial week. Why? To ensure that you have the best technical foundation once you move forward into the flight training segment.

What happens after the skill test in the simulator? 

In order to complete Type Rating under the CAE TRTO, aircraft base training has to be performed. Base training can be performed in co-operation with CAE partner airlines. This segment includes 4 or 6 landings in the actual aircraft depending on pilot prior experience. The aircraft training is not included in the price charged by CAE.

After having successfully passed the skills test, CAE will provide you with the necessary documentation to be used for the aircraft training/landings.

It is the responsibility of the student to provide his/her Type Rating paperwork to the licensing authority and pay the applicable charges.

Middle East & India
After having successfully passed the skills test, CAE will forward the necessary documentation directly to the relevant aviation authority for the type rating endorsement to be placed on the licence.

It is the responsibility of the student to follow-up with the licensing authority for endorsement and pay the applicable charges.

What does a Type Rating Training program typically cost? On average the cost of a CAE Type Rating is as follows:
Europe: Approximately €22 000 - €30 000
Middle East & India: $28,000 - $34,000 
Training Program pricing varies according to aircraft type.   

What do the aircraft base training/landings cost where applicable? The cost of the aircraft training will vary. In general one can say that the larger the aircraft the higher the cost. 6 touch and go's in a medium size airliner (A320, B737) will cost approximately €6,000 - €7,500. This charge will in most cases be paid by the student directly to the airline.  

What Is there any other aspect that has an influence on the amount paid for training? The Applicable taxes, known as Value Added Tax (VAT) or Service Tax, are an important factor when calculating the costs of training.
Some European countries do not add VAT on self-sponsored training, while others add as much as 25% in VAT to the price of the training charged by CAE. Please contact us for more information.   
Middle East & India
The service tax in India is currently 12.36% but is subject to change without notice. In Dubai taxes do not apply.     

Where will the training programs for the Type Rating take place? The simulator type will determine the place of training. With the more common aircraft types as the A320 and B737 the student will have a choice of training location.

Do I have a guaranteed job after adding the Type Rating to my license? No training provider can offer a job guarantee. A type rating on a commercial airline platform will enhance your skills and increase your marketability with some airlines. When time is a critical factor in the hiring process your response time to initiate airline conversion training is also a very positive factor.

Does CAE take care of accommodation? Accommodation, travel cost and the relevant aviation authority fees are the responsibility of the pilot. At the vast majority of the CAE training sites, CAE can offer affordable accommodation, transportation and competitive rates on car hire. If you need assistance we will help you set up a training budget to ensure that you have a tool to accurately plan the required finances to successfully participate in the CAE self-sponsored TR programs.

When making a budget for the training, what do I need to consider?
Cost of type-rating course
Travel to and from training site
Accommodation and food during the training period (see course outlines for more details)
Cost of aircraft training (Europe only)
Travel to and from aircraft training (Europe only)
Accommodation and food during the 3-4 day period of aircraft training (Europe only)
Civil Aviation Authority fees for skill test and the issuance of the license  

Can I integrate the type rating program with other courses of training? Yes. You can choose to integrate Multi-Pilot Training Courses, including Multi-crew Cooperation (MCC) courses and Jet Orientation Courses (JOC), and Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) training with CAE’s type rating programs at a discounted price. Please note that the above training is available at selected centres only - view our Training Locations page or contact us for more information.